About ME

I'll help you turn your story into eye catching, engaging and meaningful visuals. Let's make it move!

My skillset has been developed and strengthened over 6 years by working with top creative agencies in Motion Graphics Design, Video Pre- and Postproduction worldwide. After a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Art in Salzburg I went to Edinburgh for a Master of Design in Motion Graphics, then I worked as a Motion Designer in Spain, until I returned to the UK in 2018. In my five years of freelance work in the UK, I have taken various projects from inception to completion as a Creative Lead and Motion Graphics Designer. Coming from a music and fine arts background (I used to be a little Mozart in Salzburg, playing Vivaldi solos in an orchestra) I am a believer of strong concepts and ‘analog first’. With my multi-disciplinary approach, I can bring value to a project by looking at creative solutions from various perspectives.

Esther Du Motion is part of Bloc Collective since 2019, where we collaborate on bigger projects with some of the most talented filmmakers, editors and motion designers in Scotland.